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Happy 70th Birthday, Grady Jones!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Grady Jones
A night of dancing!  Throwback to
Mr. Grady's favorites....Motown!  
 And check out Mrs. Barbara!
Members of the "Tennis Family," 
Nicki Floyd, Barbara Simmons
and Daniel Walters
Article Compliments of the Dorchester Eagle Record:
     After Grady Jones had major surgery back in February,
his children Karen, Tracie, Ian, Monica, daughter-in-law
Shanel, and Grady's wife Barbara wanted to do something
special to show their love. They decided to have a celebration
of his life with family and friends, old and new.
     They felt a surprise 70th birthday party would be the
answer, and wondered if local family and friends could keep
the secret.
     Grady's birthday was Sunday, July 29. The plan was to
make it a mini vacation by having a weekend celebration in
Charleston. This idea was winner for the out-of-town guests.
Grady's daughter, Monica who lives in New Jersey,
would be the main contact person. She first sent out save the
date cards for July 27, 28, and 29. Afterwards, she sent out
the invitations for the main Formal Celebration to be held on
July 28 at the Marriott Hotel in Charleston.
     Grady was told by his wife Barbara, only a week before
his birthday about doing something. She said the kids wanted
to spend some time in Charleston with him and they
would stay at the Marriott, Friday and Saturday night. She
said, "You need to wear your tuxedo for Saturday night." He
barked at the idea, but his cousin William convinced him to
try on the suit to see if it would fit. After losing 30 pounds
due to his surgery, it was a great fit. Their secret was still working, and the main date was coming closer. 
     Thanks to all who couldn't attend, and those who did, we
all kept the secret from "Mr. Know-It-All," wife Barbara
     "He never found out," said Ian's wife Shanel. "Barbara
and I always said we had to go shopping, when we had to
make arrangements in Charleston, and get things for the celebration."
     "One night Shanel said, 'Ian and I came from a party and
they gave us all this cake.' But it was the sample for the
birthday cake. We wanted to see if he would like it," Barbara
     Everything was working perfectly and many called to
say how excited they were and that it was getting close to
the big date.
     After the affair, everyone said they had a great time, as
mentioned by a long-time former co-worker and friend, Ms.
Madeline from Long Island, N.Y. "I'm being treated for cancer
and I told the doctor I couldn't miss this weekend," she
said. "We worked things out and I'm glad I could see Grady,
Barbara, and the children who have grown so much. I will
always remember this."
     Barbara and the children would like to thank all who
helped to make this occasion a success.
The Jones Family comes together for a great family portrait!
Photo credit to Ms. Madeline Cianciulli, dear friend to the Jones family.